Pembroke homeowner believes quarry activity could have to do with house cracking

PEMBROKE, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Pembroke homeowner is closer to finding out what’s causing the foundation of his house to crack.

He said data is leading him to believe the nearby quarry could have something to do with it but the vice president of the quarry is standing by his claim that it’s not their fault.

Homeowner Gene Nati said data from County Line Stone shows the quarry has pumped more water out in June and July this year than they did last year in the same time frame.

“I think the volume of water they’re pumping out, based off the research we’re doing and people we have helping us, this fault line in the ground or whatever it would be called leads directly towards the quarry. My house is the only one in direct line with it the rest goes through the woods, backyards, towards County Line Road,” Nati said.

Quarry vice president Brad Buyers said Nati is misinterpreting some of the data.

He said all blasting has been within the legal limits, monthly pumping is down in 2022 from the five-year average, and there is no baseline data for summer well values, making it hard to determine a correlation to spring and fall data.

He also said the house is more than a mile from the quarry, no other neighboring homeowners are reporting issues, and the quarry and house are in separate watersheds.

Nati said he’s not accusing the quarry and said they’ve been cooperative.

He just wants to wait and see the final results of the investigation.

“It looks like from day one they’ve already jumped on, ‘its not their fault’ before an investigation started let alone completed.”

Buyers also released this statement:

“We are very sorry for the tragedy and loss being incurred by the Nati Family. This incident has geologists from all parties without conclusive answers as to both the cause and events ongoing. We are hopeful that in the coming week, the continued-on site investigation will draw conclusions and an understanding.   All agencies and parties have the full support of County Line Stone, and we welcome any inquires or requests for information or assistance.”

The town supervisor and quarry are bringing out experts to dig up the roadway and investigate on Monday.

Full information from County Line Stone:

The property and incident in question are more than one mile from the existing quarry location and outside of any ‘cone of influence’ from our mining and dewatering programs.This incident is confined to that immediate location with no other residences on neighboring roads, or within a closer proximity to the quarry reporting issues with ground or basement cracking, etc.   Based on the Genesee County GIS Maps, County Line Stone lies in the Ellicott Creek Watershed with the incident location lying in the Murder Creek Watershed.      We have been working with the NYSDEC as they have an ongoing investigation into the matters at hand and they have our full cooperation.    

It’s my understanding that based on the data we have been asked to provide there are three pieces of information that are being mis-interpreted by the affected party (Geno Nati):

Blasting – All blasting is monitored and recorded for both our internal record keeping as well as the NYSDEC.   We map every blast conducted which has been attached to this email along with the reporting.    The NYSDEC in their investigation asked that all blasting data for the past two weeks be provided as well as any blasts in the last month that registered with the seismograph closest to the incident location (brine line seismograph).   These have all been attached.    Its quite a bit of data to review but all blasting has been consistent with no abnormalities and well within the legal limits.    The seismograph closet to the incident in question (4500’ from 455 Cohocton Residence) only registered two blasts in the last month with a sensitivity of 0.02 in/sec of ground movement.    You can see normal blasting ground movement recorded by the seismographs is in the range of 0.15 – 0.7 in/sec which is a magnitude of 10x compared to that of the brine line seismograph.

Quarry Pumping / Dewatering – Our quarry pump station runs continuously and feeds into Dorsch Creek.    This information is recorded and monitored by both County Line Stone and the NYSDEC.    As you can see, our monthly pumping is down across the year in 2022 from the 5-year average with every month being below the average 5 year running values.   This is in line with the drought trend we have seen in 2022. Well

Data – County Line Stone is required by NYSDEC to provide bi-annual well monitoring which is conducted in May and October annually.    Due to the incident, NYSDEC requested that we take well readings immediately to get an idea as to what the ground water in the vicinity of the quarry is doing.    There are wells that are down substantially in value, all being on the west side of the quarry (further from the residence in question) while wells on the east side are down significantly less.   Well 4-12 which is only 1400 feet from the quarry (due east) and 4500 feet from the incident location showing abnormally high-water levels.     It should be noted that there is no baseline data for summer well values which makes correlation to spring and fall data hard to determine.  I requested at the last meeting between the NYSDEC, Town of Pembroke, and County Line Stone on 8/11 that wells in the immediate proximity of the incident should be measured to gauge their water levels. 

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Boat-making competition held at Canalfest

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — You have four hours, can you and a few friends build a boat that actually floats?

That was the challenge at Canalfest in the Tonawandas on Saturday.

12 teams were given a four-hour window to build their boats, all the materials were already provided, you just had to use your smarts. Many trophies were handed out in different categories, including fastest build, best design, and fastest in the water.

We all love Canalfest, we all love being by the water, building the boats takes a lot of hours, but its a great time, we have a lot of fun doing it. and its always to see everyone’s reactions to the boats as they get in the water,” said competitor Tim Harroun.

One boat was even modeled after the USS The Sullivans and was donated to the Buffalo Naval and Military park after the race to be put on display.


Legislature Unanimously Passes Resolution Designating Stand Against White Nationalism

As a sign of solidarity in the wake of the May 14th mass shooting at the Jefferson Avenue Tops, the Erie County Legislature voted to confirm May 14th as, “Stand Against White Nationalism Day” in Erie County.

The resolution was sponsored by Chairwoman April N.M. Baskin later received co-sponsorship from 8 other legislators and ultimately passed unanimously 11-0.

Chairwoman Baskin said “White Nationalism is not just about the actions of organized militias and lone extremists, it has a long history of being perpetuated by all levels of government and in the private sector. White Nationalism results in minority communities being enmeshed in poverty and crime. White Nationalism is about hatred as well as the dominance of Whites in spaces of leadership using their power to determine the fate of non-whites in this country. It’s important that after May 14th, elected leaders take a stand against the overt and the underlying theories of White Nationalism.”

The Erie County Legislature has taken a number of steps to provide relief in response to the mass shooting, including the establishment of the Erie County Healing Hub at Johnnie B Wiley stadium, which offered 10-consecutive weeks of free trauma counseling and groceries to residents of East Buffalo.

Other efforts also include the call for investigations into the actions of 911 call takers who improperly handled emergency calls during the mass shooting and at a gathering for one of the victims on May 27. Both calls were made to 911 from zip codes on the East Side. The call takers in both instances were ultimately terminated.

The County Legislature also unanimously passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a resiliency center to offer permanent mental health and trauma counseling in the community. The federal Department of Justice and NYS Office of Victim Services have provided funding to operate such a center.

“We hope to have a committee discussion at the Legislature in the coming weeks to further understand how the $3 Million dollars allocated by Governor Hochul, and the funding provided by DOJ and OVS will be spent on the forthcoming resiliency center,” said Baskin. “The planning oversight is being handled by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. “


Suspect in April 4 Niagara Falls shooting arrested after standoff

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — A man suspected in an April 4 shooting incident was arrested in Niagara Falls on Saturday following a standoff with Niagara Falls Police.

Curtiss Griggs, 37, reportedly fled NFPD after an attempted arrest around 4:45 p.m. Saturday. Police said he fled into an apartment building on Pine Avenue, near the intersection of 25th Street.

The scene was secured and after a standoff that reportedly lasted about two hours, Griggs surrendered and was taken into custody. He was charged with one count of assault in the first degree and one count of reckless endangerment in the first degree.

Griggs will be arraigned in Niagara Falls City Court on Monday.

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Retired BPD officer killed in mass shooting ‘a hero in our eyes’

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The mass shooting at Tops Markets on Buffalo’s East Side Saturday afternoon claimed the lives of ten people and injured three others.

Information on the victims of this tragedy is limited. However, we know Aaron Salter, a retired Buffalo Police officer working as a security guard, was killed trying to protect those inside the grocery store. We’ve also learned that 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield was killed in the attack.

When the gunman, 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron of Conklin, New York, entered the store, Salter shot him multiple times, but the 18-year-old’s armored plating deflected the bullets. Gendron then shot and killed Aaron Salter.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia hailed Salter as “a hero in our eyes.”

“I had the pleasure of knowing him, great guy, well respected, well-liked. This is just horrific. It’s tragic. I don’t know what other words to describe it,” Buffalo Police Benevolent Association President John Evans said.

Evans said the Buffalo Police Department has reached out to Salter’s family to off their condolences.

Ruth Whitfield was the mother of former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield.

A staffer from U.S. Senator Tim Kennedy’s office, Zeneta Everhart, said her son Zaire was inside the store when the attack took place. He survived, suffering non-life-threatening injuries, and is home resting.

Everhart said her son “is truly divinely protected.”

Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting

Retired BPD officer killed in mass shooting ‘a hero in our eyes’
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At least one taken to hospital after Niagara Falls collision

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — One person has reportedly been taken to the hospital following a collision in Niagara Falls Saturday night.

The collision occurred at the intersection of Niagara Falls Boulevard and 71st Street in Niagara Falls. American Medical Response confirmed they transported a person to ECMC from the location.

Photos from the scene sent to News 4 by a viewer show the front of a sedan damaged and a motorcycle on the ground. A local fire unit responded to the scene.

News 4 has also reached out to the Niagara Falls Police and Niagara Falls Fire Department for an update, but has yet to hear back.

(Courtesy: Jerry Ciccarelli)

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The Story Garage presents “A Vintage Sidewalk Sale”

When I first came across The Story Garage on Niagara Street, I spoke to owner Neil Gerard about the possibilities of creating a market atmosphere on the corner. You see, The Story Garage is located on Market Square in Black Rock, a location that once served the neighborhood’s market needs.

This coming Saturday, April 30, Gerard is hosting his first ever Vintage Sidewalk Sale, where he will feature 25 vendors (possibly more). The sidewalk – thus Market Square – will come alive with the sound of barkers and marketeers, as they interact with people looking for “all things vintage!”

The Story Garage is a little gem of a shop in Black Rock. Actually, it’s a pretty huge shop, as Gerard has expanded his thrifty, mainly-furniture and accessories business, into the entire footprint of the storefront that faces Niagara Street.

Being a retro anchor on the street was all that Gerard needed to attract like-minded vendors to sign up for the pop-up sidewalk market.

“The sale is all things vintage, with a focus on vintage clothing,” said Gerard. “I put out a single request for vendors and we now have 25!”

To learn more about The Story Garage, click here. Otherwise, see you at the market this Saturday, between 12pm – 4pm!

The Story Garage  | 1875 Niagara Street | Black Rock | Buffalo NY 14207 | 716-343-0905

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Sabres score four in second, top Flyers 4-3

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – An offensive explosion in the second period turned a 2-0 deficit into a 4-3 lead, and the Sabres were able to take another one from the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday night at the KeyBank Center. Kyle Okposo started the scoring in the second with a power play goal, his 20th of […]


Buffalo police looking for woman not heard from since April 1

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo police are looking for help finding a missing woman.

40-year-old Danielle Robinson’s last known address was on W. Balcom Street. Police say she frequents Lackawanna and Niagara Falls and suffers from unspecified mental health issues.

The last reported contact someone had with Robinson was on April 1.

Anyone with information on where she may be or has been should call 911.

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Buffalo police looking for woman not heard from since April 1
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Buffalo turns back the clock at World’s Largest ’90s Party

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — If you walked down Main Street Saturday night, you were transported back in time. From people wearing fanny packs, to artist hats, to flannels, Buffalo spent a few hours celebrating the ’90s.

The city took it back to the days when music was still on MTV, as the “World’s Largest ’90s Party” featured songs from Britney, the Backstreet Boys, Nirvana and more. Mayday Buffalo provided the entertainment at Town Ballroom with a lot of ’90s hits.

The fashion choices of those in attendance included denim-on-denim, neon outfits and grunge-inspired looks.

“Definitely, the ’90s were an eclectic mix of fashion, cartoons, music and everything in between,” Jay Crowe, bassist for Mayday Buffalo, said. “So definitely a hodgepodge of everything. And we are ready to bring that tonight, and that energy tonight.”

Mayday Buffalo performs on Wake Up! ahead of World’s Largest ’90s Party

The band members said the decade holds a special place in their hearts, because it’s when they grew up and fell in love with music.

“I think everyone holds the music in which they grew up with — it’s a little bit special for them and nostalgic,” Mick Wolcott, frontman for the band, said. “And I think that’s the ’90s for us, and for the people who come and see us.”

This year’s event was years in the making. It was a sell-out in 2019, and was planned to return in 2020, but was canceled because of the pandemic.

“It’s been sold out for two years,” Artie Kwitchoff, owner of Town Ballroom, said. “That’s pretty funny. It shows that people are really excited about it.”

For many who came out to the Theatre District, they celebrated the ’90s, remembering the good old days of Full House, the Spice Girls and pagers. Though they may have swapped their Walkmans for iPhones and Zimas for seltzers in the years since, the Buffalo crowd immersed itself in the nostalgia Saturday night.

Lynn Gugino of North Tonawanda shared some of her favorite ’90s shows.

“Obviously ‘Ren and Stimpy’ and all of the cartoons, ‘Hey Arnold!,'” she said.

Largest cattle show east of the Mississippi coming to Fairgrounds this weekend

David LeBron of Buffalo shared his ’90s experience, and took pride in some events of the decade that happened prior to him even being born.

“Being born in the ’90s, ’95 alum, so you gotta love them,” he said. “And then everything else about the ’90s — it was the greatest time in Buffalo, the Bills were killing it.”

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