Cuomo’s attorney continues to blast AG report on sexual harassment

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lawyer Rita Glavin continues to blast the August 3 sexual harassment report issued by the Attorney General’s Office. Glavin is now demanding a “truly independent” review of that report.

“We are submitting to the Attorney General an application to amend, correct and supplement the August 3rd, 2021 report on the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against the Governor,” Glavin said this afternoon.

Glavin has sent Attorney General Letitia James a 150-page submission on behalf of former Governor Andrew Cuomo. She alleges that James “admitted personal involvement in the investigation and production of the Report, which expressly violated” the Governor’s March 1st referral for her to select an independent law firm to conduct an inquiry.

“It is our position that the Attorney General cannot be the person to consider our application amend, correct, and supplement the report because the Governor’s March1st, 2021 referral was not for the Attorney General to oversee an investigation, conduct and investigation, or to be involved in any of the investigation of allegations against the Governor,” Glavin said.

Glavin argues that James who has been rumored to be exploring a run for Governor, had “political motivations.” Glavin also wants James and her office to “immediately recuse themselves and cease and desist from any other matter concerning the Governor.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Attorney General James hit back saying:

“Another day, another baseless attack by the former governor who resigned so he didn’t have to participate in an impeachment hearing. The most concerning part of today’s charade was the former governor’s attempt to stifle a legal criminal investigation into allegations that he used state resources for a book deal and personal profit. This is not the Moreland Commission, and we will not be bullied into shutting down this investigation like the former governor did with that commission.”

The Attorney General report found that Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women. Glavin maintains he didn’t sexually harass anyone. 

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