Decorated WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday and receives new prosthetic leg

(WIVB) — A local decorated World War II veteran celebrated his 100th birthday Saturday. And along with the balloons and the birthday presents — he got a brand new prosthetic leg.

The Western New York VA Medical Center gave Navy veteran Bob Henneson a new leg. Henneson lost his leg about two years ago — decades after being injured when he was hit by a car. So henneson worked out and got in shape so he could move on from the walker and cane to his new bionic leg.

Henneson says he’s young at heart and can’t wait to use his new mobility to see the world.

“I’m 100 – I don’t feel any older than I did when I was 90! I just feel great. I want to live, I want to go out in civilization, see what Buffalo looks like now,” Henneson said.

Henneson wrote a letter to the VA thanking them for getting back up on his feet after years of pain.

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