Erie County GOP leaders propose timeline for public input for new Bills stadium

(WIVB) – Erie County GOP leaders are calling for more time to discuss and hear from the public on the new Bills stadium.

Minority leader Joe Lorigo, along with several other legislators, are asking for a new timeline, which would include three months for public hearings.

They say the clock should start ticking once the final proposal is submitted.

Lorigo says the legislature has not been given the opportunity to fully consider stadium plans before holding a final vote to spend taxpayer money.

“Ten years ago, when the lease extension was brought to the legislature, we didn’t see it until the day we were asked to vote,” Lorigo said. “We were told we have to vote on it today, because it’s not going to take effect, and things like that. That can’t happen again. That’s why we introduced a resolution this early, letting the county executive, and letting the Pegulas and letting my colleagues across the aisle know that we expect to have time to review the document, and get input form the public.”

Lorigo also says public hearings are even more important because taxpayers will be footing most of the bill for construction.

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