Five-megawatt solar farm underway at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park

Construction is underway at 255 Ship Canal Parkway in Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park, where Uniland Development Company is building a five-megawatt solar farm. Uniland purchased the 20.3-acre property from the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC) in August of 2021, and has hired Solar Liberty to install the project, which will produce enough power to supply the equivalent of 800 households (see background).

The site was recently cleared, in order to begin construction on the project. 

The development will be the first large-scale solar farm within the City of Buffalo.

“This is an exciting project for the City of Buffalo and future development of the region.” noted Uniland CEO Michael J. Montante. “Not only are we improving an underused property and giving it new life, but we’re doing so with a vision towards the future of the city.”

“The additional energy brought to the site as a result of this project make this business park a competitive and viable option for companies looking for sites in Buffalo, furthering the economic vitality of our region,” said Mayor Brown, who serves as Chair of the BUDC Board of Directors. “This renewable energy project also complements my Administration’s efforts to attain a New York State Clean Energy Designation.”

“The system, which is one of the first of its kind within Buffalo’s city limits, enhances the vitality of the Business Park and returns the underutilized property to the City of Buffalo tax rolls,” said BUDC President Brandye Merriweather.

Uniland has hired Solar Liberty, an Amherst-based regional solar company, as installer for the site.

“As a tenant of Uniland’s for over 15 years, Solar Liberty witnesses the ongoing efforts Uniland takes to remain at the forefront of sustainable development,” said Nathan T. Rizzo, Co-Founder and Vice President of Solar Liberty. “We are very proud to further our partnership with Uniland through the construction of the solar array at the Ship Canal Parkway. Uniland’s solar system will not only reduce their electrical costs but further their stewardship and commitment to a better environment.”

The solar farm is expected to be operational in spring 2022.

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