Foibles Friendsgiving is a Feast for Vegan Revelers

Author: Orian Painter

With the festivities of Halloween behind us, Buffalo has officially entered the month of Thanksgiving, also known as the month of pie!

Foibles Coffee and Pie, located at 172 Rhode Island Street on Buffalo’s West Side, serves coffee and pie by day. They are known for their inventive latte flavors such as the oatchata latte, taro latte, and the sweet potato latte – a riff on the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. Their pies are equally inventive and seasonal as their drinks, with recent fall flavors like scary cherry, apple cinnamon swirl, and London fog custard.

Foibles house blend

However, by night, Foibles is serving up much more than sweet slices. Beginning late this summer, Foibles has expanded to intimate reservation-only vegan dinners. The dinners take place on Saturday nights and have fixed menus that change each month. The fare goes beyond the familiar fried favorites, with a focus on freshness and seasonal delights. In September, the menu was based on barbecue classics, from collards to cornbread and innovative vegan brisket with house barbecue sauce. Throughout October, the theme was murder mystery, with Foibles serving up a delicious menu and a chance to solve a “murder” that unfolded in front of the guests. 

Photo by Liberty Darr

Foibles continues this series of gourmet themed meals in November with “Foibles Friendsgiving.” Each Saturday in November before Thanksgiving, the cafe will be a cozy hub for friends to gather for a festive vegan feast. The star of the spread is the vegan “turkey” leg, a unique creation featuring classic thanksgiving herbs and spices and packed with protein. Sides include cranberry relish, crispy candied brussels sprouts, buttered rolls, and many more. 

Foibles is also accepting Thanksgiving pie pre-orders through November 21st. This year’s flavors are classic pumpkin, apple cinnamon swirl, chai custard with apple chutney, and stuffing pie. 

The complete dinner menu, reservation page, and hub for pre-ordering Thanksgiving pies are all available on the Foibles website at

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