Gag City: Vogue Night & Pride Kick-off in the Elmwood Village

On Friday, May 31, Gag City: Vogue Night and Buffalo Pride will take the Elmwood Village by storm, as they “transform Elmwood Ave (between Breckenridge and Auburn) into a ballroom extravaganza!”

The event, sponsored by the Elmwood Village Association, will feature DJ Remmz spinning sickening ballroom music, Toronto’s Twysted Miyake-Mugler as emcee, and a legendary panel.

Gag City: Vogue Night and Pride Kick-off is next level entertainment, produced in a way that will captivate the audience, while generating sensational and outrageous Pride spirit within the community.

“Being Puerto Rican and a member of the LGBTQ+ community on the West Side, I am part of multiple marginalized communities,” said community leader and event host, Alexandre Burgos. “It taught me from a young age that in order to navigate through the world, I would need to be unwaveringly resilient. Events like these are symbolic of our community’s resilience, in a time where attempts to erase our history are at an all time high. The purpose of the event is to amplify LGBTQ+ People Of Color and to bring many diverse communities together. Now more than ever, we must be united and need spaces by us, for us.”

“The Elmwood Village Association and Upstate NY Black & Latino Pride understand the importance of diversity, both organizations have come together to create something special for the community,” added Tajé Jenkins-Jones, Board Chair of Black & Latino Pride. “Visibility is the first step of equity, and this event allows the Elmwood Village to finally have its own homegrown pride celebration during pride month!”

Attendees at the Gag City: Vogue Night and Pride kick-off will have a chance to compete in any of the four categories on the runway, for cash prizes! 


1. OTA Barbie & Ken Realness: 

Male Figures bring it like a Ken doll in denim jeans with a fitted tee. (Beep, Beep!) 

Female Figures bring it like a Barbie Girl, pretty in a pink summertime look. (Barbie World)

2. OTA Pink Friday 2 Runway (Press Play): 

When we done in Gag City, we fly to Pluto. Bring it like Nicki Hendrix, dripped in jewels and stones, shining for the town to see. 

3. OTA FTCU – Battle of the Egos (Performance): 

It’s time to FTCU and Vogue for your Pride. Bring it as your favorite Queen Nicki Ego –

Red – Red Ruby

Pink – Barbie

White – Roman

Silver – Chun Li

4. Best Pride Outfit: 

Woke up in the morning light, ready to Gag the city? Bring it in your best Pride look! 


DJ Remmz (Buffalo) 


Twysted Miyake-Mugler (Toronto) 


Mother Dej Giuseppe Zanotti

Mother Bombshell Mulan

Mother Draya Von Dutch

Godmother Salsa Dior

Father Lanier Boyette

Event starts at 6:00PM on Elmwood and Breckenridge. L.S.S. and categories kick off at 6:30PM! 

This is a FREE event sponsored by Upstate NY Black & Latino Pride, The Elmwood Village Association, Gilead Sciences, MOCHA Buffalo, The Pride Center Of WNY, the Healthcare Education Project, and event host Alexandre Burgos.

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