Ghost haunting and local history come together at Iron Island Museum in Lovejoy

Forget about haunted houses with zombie and monster actors, the Iron Island Museum has actual real ghosts that will spook you!

The Iron Island Museum, located on 998 E. Lovejoy Street in Buffalo, is located at what used to be a former church and funeral home. The building was built in 1883.

“We took it over in August of 2000 and I didn’t know where to start. When I first came in to fix the place up, I was standing in the hall and I felt a presence around me. I didn’t know what it was, but I kept coming in anyway because I had to,” said Marge Hastereiter, museum curator and vice president of Iron Island Preservation Society. “Eventually various other things started happening, shadow people, shadow men and women.”

When the museum moved in, they found 24 unclaimed cremated human remains in the basement.  Eight of those unclaimed remains belonged to soldiers. 

“The sad story is that most of these veterans, they came back from war and were alcoholics, and their families just disowned them at the time,” said Linda Hastereiter president of Iron Island Preservation Society and Museum.

One soldier was Edgar from St. Louis. He fought in the battle of Nicaragua, then came to Western New York where he married and settled down. Now, they say his ghost lives in the museum’s attic.

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