Grind+Align Yoga @ Create Space Buffalo

(L-R) Katie and Sorren

As I was walking down Bryant Street the other day, a small sandwich board sitting on the sidewalk caught my eye. At that exact moment, I didn’t have time to see what it was all about, but later in the day I got to snooping around. I learned that Create Space Buffalo was owned by Katie Mullaney, and Grind+Align Yoga was owned by Sorren Cooke. So I reached out to Sorren, and met up with the pair for a chat at their studio space, which was located in one of my favorite buildings in Buffalo.

As I approached the studio (tucked in the back, off Bryant), I was greeted in the doorway by artist Susan Copley, who owns the building. Susan’s own art studio is located on the first floor. She told me that the building is now dedicated to creatives, although its original use was as a neighborhood holding center – a story that I had heard over the years, and was finally confirmed. Back in the day, metalsmith Molly Atkinson had a studio in the building, so I was happy to hear that the arts were still alive and well at 296 Bryant Street (across the way from Trattoria Aroma).

After conversing with Susan for a while, I made my way upstairs, led by Katie and Sorren. It was Katie who clued me in to something that I couldn’t believe. She had opened Create Space Buffalo four years ago, and here I was just learning about it.

“Because of the pandemic, we’re starting new again,” Katie told me. “We’re having a grand reopening next month.”

Katie and Sorren initially met when they were working at Brylin. It was there and then that they realized that they shared common interests in the field of wellness. Katie invited Sorren to come visit her creative space. The rest, as they say, is history.

Together, Katie and Sorren are offering a number of body and mind restorative programs that range from meditation to art therapy to reiki.

Katie is a creative arts therapist, who also practices reiki energy healing. She even delves into maternity art, where she offers expecting mothers belly casting classes.

In 2018, Katie became a certified reiki practitioner, attuned to the Usui System of natural healing.

Sorren, who has now been onboard with the creative space for two years (just prior to the pandemic), focuses on a restorative type of yoga that spans the dimensions of improving range of motion and flexibility, breathing exercises, and mental health – “taking control of what seems uncontrollable.”

(L-R) Sorren and Katie

Both Katie and Sorren are in the business of helping people to free up their “stuck energy.” They do this via a holistic collaborative that they say is complimentary because they similar goals and values. Clients can interact with the holistic therapists one-on-one, or through group workshops. They will even work towards identifying joint treatment plans that involve a combination of their talents. After all, everyone is different, mind, body, and soul, which means that there is not always one prescribed path to follow.

A few of the classes and workshops that are on the horizon include a Full Moon Meditation + Paint, Yoga for Kids (there is also Mindfulness for Teens), Yoga Meditation, private yoga parties, Crystal Healing, and art therapy for people anxiety and/or depression. They also offer up their creative space to other practitioners who are looking to teach yoga, tai chi, meditation, breathwork, etc… “anyone who aligns with their practices.”

Artwork by Katie

Personally, I’m excited to try out one of the meditation classes. My wife is interested in learning more about the group yoga classes, since this is within walking distance from our house. Who knows, maybe we might even pick up a paintbrush at some point. Heck, I’m willing to try out a little art therapy. No matter where you live, or what type of wellness healing that you’re looking for, I’m willing to bet that this duo of holistic practitioners has the perfect remedy for what ails you.

Create Space Buffalo | 296 Bryant Street | Buffalo, NY  14222 | (716) 427-8398 | createspacebuffalo@gmail.comFacebook |

Grind+Align Yoga | 296 Bryant Street | Buffalo, NY 14222 | (716) 380-9097 | grind.alignyoga@gmail.comFacebook | $15 drop in classes or purchase a package

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