Harlow Spa @ Curtiss Hotel

During the pandemic, Jessica Croce decided that it was the perfect time to build out a new spa at the Curtiss Hotel. During a recent visit to the Hotel, I bumped into Jessica, who offered me a tour of the wellness amenities.

“It’s the perfect staycation,” Jessica told me. “I wanted to reinvent the salon during covid, to make something that would go along nicely with the hot springs. We can take the elevator right to the spa [pointing]. While the hot springs (with indoor outdoor pool) are considered a hotel experience, Harlow Spa is open to everyone. It’s a very intimate spa setting, with warm beds, hot towels, and all of the hotel services and amenities available at one’s fingertips.”

Once the elevator door opened, we were immediately immersed into “another world”… a much calmer and relaxed world. The Harlow Spa @ Curtiss Hotel is indeed luxurious, with offerings that include Swedish and deep tissue massages, hot stone treatments, aromatherapy, CBD oils, nail services (dazzle dry and gel polish manicures and pedicures), hydrafacials, lip and eye perks… all performed by a team of reputable therapists.

Harlow Spa is available to the public, without booking a hotel stay

“Clients have been coming here from Rochester and Syracuse,” explained Jessica, who is maintaining the Croce real estate portfolio. “With the Canadian border closed for so long, and still many people choosing not to cross, more people are looking for these types of getaways closer to home, in a clean and healthy environment.

Hot springs available to hotel guests

“We even have a lunch bar, where customers can order something to eat or drink. Sundays are huge, with people stopping in for a massage and brunch. It’s also become a nice date activity for couples. I’ve talked to some folks who have booked overnights at the Hotel – they come downtown to eat, watch a show, spend the night, and access the spa services. It’s an escape from reality, and takes the hotel experience to another level. We can tailor the staycations to accommodate all sorts of wants, needs, and desires, served up with charcuterie boards, cocktails, tea, coffee… the works.”

The Harlow Spa is professionally run, classy, accommodating, and touted as a one-of-a-kind therapeutic outing in downtown Buffalo. It’s going to be the perfect getaway – and a nice holiday gift idea – this coming winter. After all, for all of the people who are still opting not to travel, this is definitely the next best thing to jet-setting to a tropical island.

Harlow Spa @ Curtiss Hotel | 210 Franklin Street | Buffalo NY | 716-954-4862

Located inside the Harlow C. Curtiss building in Downtown Buffalo, NY

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