Heated exchange between council members considering ceasefire resolution

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Demands have been made from pro-Palestinian activists for the City of Buffalo to call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

City lawmakers have yet to do so, but, there was discussion on Monday and part of that discussion got heated.

Council members met in caucus ahead of their meeting on Wednesday. A big topic of discussion was the ceasefire resolution between Israel and Hamas and a couple lawmakers had greatly different opinions.

Following criticism from pro-Palestinian activists, council members David Rivera and Rasheed Wyatt sponsored a resolution calling for a ceasefire and a call for humanitarian support.

The resolution, which is entirely symbolic, mentions how human life is invaluable and how all forms of violence must be condemned, but Council Member Joe Golombek and Council President Chris Scanlon did not agree with the language, saying that it did not go far enough to speak out against the conditions in Gaza.

“The Palestinian people who are being killed right now, they are being used as pawns by Hamas and others. I have a real serious issue with this being put in front of us. I think it’s a very divisive City of Buffalo issue,” Golombek said.

Things got heated when Council Member Wyatt brought up the city budget.

“We’re having more debate on this topic, which we don’t have control over, than we gave people on the tax increase. That’s shameful,” Wyatt said.

“Can you stay on topic?” Scanlon interrupted.

“I can say whatever I want. I have the floor, so let me speak on what I want to speak on, sir, thank you,” Wyatt responded.

The resolution was on track to be approved, but instead is expected to be received without recommendation.

There could be more discussion on this Wednesday when Common Council meets in full.

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