Help Bike or Bar Rebuild

Known for its lively instructors, wide range of classes, support and collaborations with other small businesses, and the fitness community they have cultivated, Bike or Bar is a beast of its own on Elmwood.  The recent fire on Sunday, October 24 that destroyed this beloved studio has left the community in shock, and the Bike or Bar family in disbelief.  

It is not easy for a business to build a community; to have a group of local individuals who are down for you no matter what.  Who are driven everyday to step inside a fitness class.  Bike or Bar has this community, and was able to establish themselves as a staple on Elmwood with their efforts.  Sharing their building with Hard Core Tattoo Studio, Bike or Bar and the apartment above their studio received most of the damage caused by this fire. 

Though there are currently more questions than answers, Bike or Bar remains hopeful. While currently working with local studios, they are hosting their scheduled classes despite it all. “The unending support and outreach of people and local businesses has been incredible to say the least,” said co-owner Brit Leo.  “We especially love that these Elmwood establishments are coming together to host a bar crawl.”   

The bar hop, in support of Bike or Bar, is being held later today, Wednesday October 27 (5pm – closing). A $5 suggested donation will provide a single well drink or domestic beer at the following locations: Coles, Breezy Burrito Bar, Mr. Goodbar, The Beer Keep, and Jack Rabbit. 

In addition, there has been a GoFundMe created to help minimize the damage that Bike or Bar has to endure.  

From the GoFundMe campaign:

I’m fundraising for the family business that my mom and I have owned and run in Buffalo, NY for almost 10 years,” said Brit. “We woke up to a call no one wants to hear: there’s been a fire. We immediately canceled all our classes for the day and headed to the scene. At first I thought it might just be a little smoky because it happened above it (the studio), but soon I found that it wasn’t only smoke, but that water was everywhere. The whole ceiling also caved in, not only over our reception area, but into the cycling area where our bikes are. Not just our bikes and the electronics in the reception area, but also our TVs, our speakers, our light fixtures, our spin shoes and merchandise: everything has water and smoke throughout.

“Currently there is no power to the entire building and it’s a hazard to be inside. Not only is water still coming down, but debris is still falling from the ceiling. We haven’t been able to assess all the damage yet, but we fear it’s monumental. The pandemic had a huge negative impact on our business, and we were starting to get back to pre-pandemic numbers, and we’re sure this quarter was leading to a strong 2022.

“We’re asking for any donations big or small to rebuild, to pay our instructors, replace equipment destroyed and also reimburse our customers. We loved starting something so cool in Buffalo 9.5 years ago and we have always appreciated each and every customer! We can’t wait to ride/lift/sweat with you in and to be better and stronger than ever. After having numerous fundraisers and donations each and every year, we suddenly find ourselves on the other side needing to seek help.” 

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