Labatt USA’s Parks and Rec Program

Labatt USA is doing everything that it can to get more people out playing in adult recreational leagues throughout the city. They are doing this by sponsoring teams, while providing grants for the community parks, where the leagues tend to play.

The Labatt Parks and Rec program will also ensure that the community parks are kept clean and in good repair, by hosting volunteer clean-up and fix-it events. To that end, Labatt USA awarded its initial Parks and Rec grant to Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservatory, and helped prep and restore a baseball diamond at Cazenovia Park. The goal was to revitalize the park, in advance of players hitting the field.

“After a long winter, we want to promote people getting out with their friends and playing the sports that they love,” said Inga Grote-Ebbs, brand director for Labatt USA. “We’re going to help by sprucing up parks, investing in upkeep and repairs and sponsoring teams to take the field!”  

“By linking with our communities and caring for our environment, we have a unique opportunity to create local connections that truly make an impact,” said Jason Folaron, brand manager for Labatt USA.

Interested adult recreational teams are encouraged to apply for a Labatt sponsorship now through May 31 at Selected teams will be awarded $500 to use toward league dues or any other team needs as well as limited edition Labatt Parks and Rec branded merchandise. The Labatt Parks and Rec website will showcase the teams, volunteer work and community investment in Buffalo. 

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