Lawmakers talk proposed state constitutional amendment for environmental protection

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Your November ballot will have a proposition on an amendment to the state constitution that’s intended to help protect the environment in New York.

State lawmakers and Western New Yorkers who support the amendment explained why during this news conference at the Erie Basin Marina this morning.

They say New Yorkers should have the right to clean water and a healthy environment.

“For most of us standing here today, this lake behind us and these waterways make up 75 percent of your own bodies, you wouldn’t survive more than a few minutes without the clean air that we all breathe, and we are breathing in this very moment and we should all realize that a healthy environment is a critical component to a healthy community and a thriving economy,” Jill Spisiak Jedlicka, executive director and waterkeeper, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

You’ll find this item on the ballot as “Proposition 2,” the environmental rights amendment.

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