Moxie-Themed Displays Planned for Curtain Up!

A number of window displays as well as interactive street installations are planned for Main Street in the Theater District the night of Curtain Up! on September 16. The moxie-themed displays are being organized by Dot + Line, a design boutique focused on visual merchandising and window displays.

“What makes #moxie unique is we were able to pick the topic as well as the design direction,” says Marissa Colucci, co-owner of Dot + Line. “Each installation, both window and street, will be calling attention to what it means to be a woman in this modern world.”

“We are also designing a VIP tent that will be outside of Bijou Grill that will be designed like a 1970s living room, the time when the modern women’s movement gained traction again,” adds Colucci. “Bijou will also be serving several drinks that are #moxie-centric”

Plans include:

Window Install #1: a mobile of objects that portray what it means to be a woman. Everything will be represented from tampons and birth control to briefcases and high heels. The intent is to show in a playful barbie pink all that a woman is and can be. 

Window Install #2: The idea is to have picture frames that highlight parts of a woman (legs, arms, breasts, etc) to call attention to how women are objectified despite being people with a voice.

Street Install #1: Paper dolls. The intent is to create an interactive display where people can step behind a translucent panel and become a paper doll. Buffalo State fashion students are designing the dolls.

Street Install #2: This will include a structure where a series of woman’s faces will be hanging down from the top of the structure, some will have magenta tape over their mouths. The goal is to represent the woman of the past and the woman of the present fighting for equal rights.

Street Install #3: An interactive panel will allow pedestrians to approach and write down what they are thinking, their hopes and dreams for women. This will be similar to the “before I die” installations seen in NYC.

Street Install #4: The constitution will be printed on a large format screen and displayed with a call to get to the polls. 

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