Music Monday: Spillz716

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Felix “Spillz716” Cuevas-Rodriguez grew up on Buffalo’s West Side. He started writing music with his friends in his early teen years. He said his experiences growing up molded him and shaped his lyrics.

“They used to come over every day after school and we’d just start making up rhymes and rapping and making up words and playing with syllables,” he said.

A friend also gave Cuevas-Rodriguez his stage name, which he later truncated to “Spillz,” adding the “716” to the end to better represent his city.

“I didn’t want to take away who I was, what my friends saw me as, so I wanted to keep that,” he said. “And I wanted to incorporate the city as well, so that’s where I got Spillz716 from.”

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Spillz716 is slated to perform at Cornerstone Arena in Lockport on June 3 prior to the “Lights Out” USA Boxing event hosted by Joe Taylor.

He is also planning to release his debut album “Lucky Caves” in mid-June.

Spillz is also furthering his music repertoire through Full Sail University, where he is currently earning his bachelor’s degree in audio production.

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What artists inspire Spillz716: The Lox, Jay Z, Fabulous, Cassidy, Papoose, LL Cool J, Eminem

His favorite events to play: Music is Art Festival, Buffalo Porchfest

His favorite song to perform: On and On

His dream concert lineup:


Styles P


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For more information about Spillz716 and his music, click the following links:


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