My Place Buffalo opens a Lounge for Moms

Kelly Dever

A lot of great ideas are born out of dire necessity. For Kelly Dever, founder of My Place Buffalo, she experienced “mommy burnout” as a young mother, which is when she got to thinking about how things might be easier, or at least more relaxing and enjoyable (instead of frantic). As a mother, she was being pulled in ten directions at once, dealing with feedings, chauffeuring, laundry, outfits, mail, cleaning, dishes, temper tantrums, diapers, playtime… the list went on and on. Where was her alone time? When could she sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee? Spend time with friends? Watch a show? Or eat a decent meal?

Mommy burnout can lead to depression, anxiety, isolation, and loss of identity after having children.

On her frustrations with finding a way to sufficiently recharge, Dever said, “After becoming a stay-at-home mother, it became nearly impossible for me to find time to recharge and be the best version of myself. When I did get out of the house, I would usually end up at Target aimlessly wandering the aisles, spending money on things I didn’t actually need!”

The answer?

My Place Buffalo.

My Place Buffalo began as weekly get-together for mothers, for coffee hours and pop-up events. Kelly did this by teaming up with local businesses. For example, cake decorating with Farm Fresh Living, and a braidbar with Braidbabes at Alchemy Wine & Beer. She event hosted “speed dating” – networking for mom friends (aka Mom Friends Forever).

All of these successful – and empowering – pop-ups have now led Kelly to establishing a reliable “pilot location,” which she is calling The My Place Lounge. The “one stop destination for every mom’s self-care needs” will soon open on the 3rd floor of 22 Main Street in Hamburg (above The Grange Community Kitchen). Members will enjoy socialization, empathetic understanding, compassionate nurturing, networking, problem solving, as well as programming that will include guest speakers, workshops, and community care.

Personally, my hope for this new business model is that it is one of many to open in years to come. Every community in Buffalo could benefit from this sort of initiative. In fact, according to Kelly, her hope is to open a more permanent space by spring of 2022. In that location, each room will come equipped with a different self-care amenity, including a home gym, full kitchen, full bath with a jacuzzi tub and steam shower, craft space, library, gathering spaces, a private spot for yoga/meditation, and more.  

Currently, Kelly is embarking upon a crowdfunding campaign through IFundwomen, that will launch on October 22.

The My Place lounge is a gathering place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and human connection.

In the meantime, My Place Buffalo will hold an open house on October 22, from 4pm – 8pm in conjunction with launching of the crowdfunding campaign. See Facebook event.

Get connected:

My Place Lounge Memberships are available for purchase now, for as low as $50/month or day passes for $20. For more information, visit or follow along on Instagram & Facebook at @myplacebuffalo.

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