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Dragon Snack Games has been a mainstay of Western New York’s gaming community for quite some time now. Ask just about any local gamer about some of the best stores in the area, and they’ll surely list Dragon Snack as one of their go-tos. After a few visits to their shop, it’s pretty clear as to why.

Located on Maple Road across the street from the Boulevard Mall, Dragon Snack Games specializes in board games, dice, miniatures, model paint, collectible trading card games and accessories, tabletop roleplaying games, and more. What makes this place stand out from other local gaming shops, though, is the sheer variety and amount of everything that they have amassed.

This is probably one of the largest gaming stores I have come across during my nerdy WNY explorations. There’s a huge wall of board games to choose from in addition to several other shelves jam packed with a variety of boxed treasures. From Smash Up to Carcassonne, they practically have it all. Especially intriguing is that they also carry the expansion packs for plenty of the games they sell. Stores typically focus on carrying the base game and maybe a couple of expansions at most, but it’s nothing quite like what I’ve seen at Dragon Snack. I’ve been able to pick up several expansions for King of Tokyo and have seen a plethora for Dixit, Dominion, and more.

Dragon Snack is a solid place to visit for those looking for trading card games. Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Unlimited, etc. can all be found there. They also offer accessories for these games, like card sleeves, playmats, and deck boxes. It’s a dream come true for the local trading card game community.

What makes it all even better is their large amount of table space for gaming. There is room toward the back of the shop for multiple different groups to take part in their own games, whether it be a board game, trading card game, tabletop RPG, or whichever other type of game their hearts desire. The chairs in this back gaming area are especially comfortable, for what it’s worth.

While you can head into Dragon Snack to shop or play games whenever you want (as long as they are open), they also hold a number of events. Poké Mondays, casual Magic the Gathering Commander nights, Thursday Night Yu-Gi-Oh!, pre-releases for upcoming TCG sets, are examples of events that fill their event schedule. There’s always something exciting happening at the shop. Dragon Snack’s full, up-to-date event schedule can be found on this Facebook page.

Whether you are there to compete in an event or are looking for a game that fits your needs, you’ll be interacting with an especially friendly staff who are more than happy to help with any game recommendations and any other gaming needs that you may have. It’s folks like this that make the gaming community all the more inviting.

If you want to learn more about Dragon Snack Games and what they have to offer, check them out on their website.

Dragon Snack Games | 3908 Maple Road, Buffalo, NY, United States, New York (716) 833-0740 |

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