New Yorkers weigh in on planned speed zone cameras along Thruway work zones

(WIVB) — People had a chance to weigh in Wednesday night on plans to add speed cameras to work zones along the thruway.

The pilot program would add 30 speed cameras to better protect highway workers from injury or death because of speeding cars.

Some say drivers need to have proper notice of speed changes and cameras ahead. But, most people who attended the virtual meeting say they are in favor of the cameras.

“I have witnessed accidents, employee injury, the list goes on and on. we need to do everything that we can to protect all of our workers out there in these zones,” said one meeting attendee.

Speed cameras coming to NY Thruway work zones, part of pilot program

“So be truthful to the public and tell them if you have cameras that the cameras are there and they’re operating,” another said.

The program is a part of a series of bills Governor Hochul signed in September.

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