North Buffalo bar reopens following cease and desist notice from the city

BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – A North Buffalo bar that was shut down after a patron was shot and killed outside the business has reopened.

Del Denby Tavern is back open after being issued a cease and desist notice while under investigation for a shooting that happened on May 7 near the bar.

The attorney for Del’s, Roland Cercone, said the shooting is tragic and that it unfortunately could have happened anywhere.

“There’s other shootings in other areas, even on Hertel,” Cercone said. “We’re concerned with the general safety and welfare of our city in general, but as far as his establishment goes, he’s taken whatever measures he can to make sure it’s safe, not only for his family, but for the public and all the patrons that attend there.”

Buffalo councilmember Joel Feroleto said one of the conditions for Del’s reopening requires them to have two NYS licensed security guards working.

“Part of the conditions on reopening with the Department of Permits and Inspection are reviewing the safety plan, making sure there are steps in place,” Feroleto said.

Buffalo police are still investigating the shooting and no arrests have been made.

Over the weekend, the city shut down another business on Hertel Avenue that officials say was operating an “illegal speakeasy.” A city spokesperson said the speakeasy was located at 1783 Hertel Avenue.

“We’ve never had any complaints about it,” Feroleto said. “I live very close to it and I’ve never heard or seen anything from it, but it’s my understanding the Buffalo Police Department were being proactive and the establishment was operating without the license that were required and they shut the establishment down with the Department of Permits and Inspection.”

Buffalo police issued the owner of the illegal speakeasy ordinances including drinking and possessing alcohol in public places and employing an unregistered bouncer.

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