NY Attorney General’s Office investigating DocGo

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Over the past few weeks, state and local leaders have been voicing their concerns about the DocGo. The New York Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the company— something Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) has called for after asylees first arrived in his district.

“We heard from the Attorney General’s Office yesterday that they were going to launch an investigation into DocGo into the situation at the Super 8 Motel in the Town of Rotterdam,” said Santabarbara. “I’ve been calling for an investigation since that happened because of just the chaotic and unfair situation that unfolded there. We want to make sure situations like that don’t happen again.”

The investigation was first reported on by the New York Times. While the AG’s office says it is not handing out the letter, DocGo confirmed the AG is looking into the company. DocGo stated:

“Yesterday, we received a letter from the AG with a request for basic information to understand the scope of our services and how we ensure compliance with applicable law. Since the launch of our program, we’ve worked with government partners to ensure we are delivering excellent, compassionate care to asylum seekers. DocGo’s asylee sites have received many visits from multiple city and state oversight agencies since our contract began, and we’ve always cooperated in a fully transparent manner. We look forward to working with the AG’s office in the same manner and providing the requested information expeditiously.”


Concerning asylum seekers in Albany County, the county executive said DocGo has become more transparent in recent days.

“The CEO did meet with my staff last week,” said Dan McCoy, Albany County Executive. “Things have gotten better. We are finally getting clear cut information of what we needed—- how many kids? What are their age ranges? What languages to they speak?”

Earlier this month, Jamie DeLine asked the governor to share her thoughts about company. She said DocGo was taking place to make sure obligations with their $432 million dollar contract were being met.

“I’m not convinced that is happening in every area where they are doing their work,” said Hochul on August 10.

At this point, it’s unclear of the review of DocGo the governor mentioned has been completed. News10 will continue to follow the AG investigation.

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