‘Our safety protocols work because no one got hurt:’ BPS parent applauds school district after gun was found during security check

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Parents in Buffalo Public Schools are applauding the district’s security measures, after an officer stopped a student from entering school with a gun.

“A gun? At the school? Oh my God,” District Parent Coordinating Council President Edward Speidel said. “I guess our safety protocols work because no one got hurt.”

According to the school district, a student at Academy School #131 on Saint Lawrence Avenue, was found with a gun while going through a routine backpack check using the Evolv security system.

BPS student found with gun during security check

“I’m sure the parents in this building are probably a little alarmed and probably want to have a conversation with the principal and district. The other parents who don’t go here, are all in a little bit of a shock,” Speidel told News 4.

The district says the gun was confiscated and the Buffalo Police were immediately notified. The school was placed in a lockdown which was later lifted by police and regular school activities resumed.

The weapon detection systems were installed throughout the district this school year. Speidel says he was always in favor of this added layer of security.

“I was one of the parents that pushed strongly to get this into the buildings,” he said. “My child deserves to be safe like your child deserves to be safe. I think the district has gotten something really right.”

BPS released the following statement Tuesday evening:

Ensuring the safety of all students and staff is a top priority of the Buffalo Public Schools. That’s why during a routine backpack inspection at Academy School #131 @86 today, using the Evolv security system—which adds a layer of protection against weapons in schools—a School Security Officer found a gun in a student’s backpack. The gun was confiscated and as a result, no staff or students were harmed. Buffalo Public Schools immediately notified the Buffalo Police Department and responded swiftly. The Academy School was briefly placed in lockdown as a precaution to further protect all students and staff. As this is an active Buffalo Police investigation, we cannot comment further at this time.”


The school serves grades 9-12.

It’s unclear why the student brought the gun to school and what disciplinary actions the student will face. News 4 has reached out to the district for comment and was told that because it’s an active police investigation, the district cannot comment further at this time.

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