Project Best Life | The Benefits of Juicing: A Fun and Easy Way to Consume Fruits and Vegetables

As we prepare for fall temperatures and the sniffles that often come with the change of season, now is a great time to start boosting your immune system as it braces for the colder temps. Whether you’re looking to take your health to the next level or not, juicing is a great way to not only get nutritional benefits, but also a refreshing way to cool down during these final warmer days. By combining healthy ingredients into one delicious drink, it makes getting all the necessary health benefits fast and enjoyable.

We chatted with some of Buffalo’s best juice spots in order to get the real low down on juicing do’s and don’ts all while learning some healthy tips.

Sunshine Vegan Eats

Nikki Searles (better known as Chef Nikki) is the owner and operator of the fast casual vegan restaurant Sunshine Vegan Eats. It’s easy to see that the sunshine in this restaurant comes straight from Chef Nikki’s love for food, life, and people. Although the restaurant offers a variety of foods gone vegan, she also specializes in juicing- a passion she found about five years ago. What started as a 7 day detox, turned into a new vegan lifestyle that ultimately changed the course of her life forever.

“We don’t realize how many things we hold onto over the years and years because we don’t see it. I started posting my detox on social media, and then it turned into “Hey, can you do this for me?” or “Hey, can you make me a juice?” So that’s how my journey really got started- I did it for myself and I then started doing it for other people.”

The shop itself has a variety of 7 to 8 juices that are cold pressed and bottled daily inside the restaurant with freshness guaranteed. Chef Nikki describes juicing as an easy and fun way to get the veggies that you otherwise wouldn’t be apt to trying. Take beets and turmeric for example,

“Some people get intimidated by beets, but I tell everybody to just try something new. The beets are good for your kidneys, and are very good for your blood. Turmeric is good for inflammation in the body that a lot of people have and don’t even realize they have. it’s also an energy boost!”

As Chef Nikki would say, start your day with a “GREAT & AMAZING MORNING!” with the help of a juice!

893 Jefferson Ave., Buffalo, NY 14204 | 716-455-2735
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mojo Market

The second stop on this juice journey brought us to Mojo Market. Just as the name would describe, there is an undeniable magic charm about this quaint cafe that makes it unlike any other throughout the city. On top of the high quality, fresh, house- made goodies that cover the menu, this team delivers a juice menu that is also entirely customizable!

One of the four owners of the market, Joseph Orlando shared,

“What differentiates us from most places is instead of cold pressing juice, we’re using just a regular, top of the line home juicer. We do all juices to order, and it’s great because our customers can craft their own juice and build what they want.”

He went on to explain that each juice is priced simply by the size of the cup, making even the most veggie packed juice a set price. This offers a healthy on-the go solution, perfect for an energy pick-me up needed throughout the day. Although most of us are caffeine addicted, juice can offer a healthy alternative minus the jitters,

“If you’re someone who’s addicted to caffeine, you could try a juice instead. You will get some of the same immediate results for your energy levels, and it’s definitely overall better for you. Although I of course love coffee too, juice is sometimes what your body needs, especially in the summertime when you’re feeling a little dehydrated.”

Orlando says his go-to menu item is their “Go-Green” juice. This drink packs a hydrating punch with ingredients like cucumber, apple, celery, and spinach. The rich green color mirrors just how rich this drink is in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B and Calcium.

“I encourage everyone to try and eat healthy in general. Juice is a fast, easy, fun, palatable way to get fruits and vegetables. You can do it on the go and it’s easier than eating a big plate of vegetables or a salad.”

030 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 | 716-874-6656
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Instead of opting for artificially sweetened drinks this summer, drink your way to health with a juice- it might just spark a new kind of wellness journey toward living your best life!

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