Second Generation Theatre finds the meaning of life in Every Brilliant Thing

What are the things that give life meaning?

Humans have been questing for the meaning of life since the beginning of recorded time. There’s something in all of us, especially in the depth of winter, that wants to ask, “what’s the point of getting out of bed every morning?” 

For many it’s our relationships with family and friends. For others, it’s a creative endeavor, a game with friends, or cheering on your favorite team.

In Second Generation Theater’s production of Every Brilliant Thing, written by Duncan MacMillan with Jonny Donahoe, the things that make life worth living are called out, celebrated, brought to the forefront, and underscored as a thousand necessary life lines to help us get through difficult times.  

Billed as “a unique theatrical experience,” the play stars Artie-Award winning actor, Kevin Craig, AEA, in the role of the narrator. Craig, comically and earnestly takes the audience through his life and all of the things that we should recognize and celebrate.  

Director Charmagne Chi and Actor Kevin Craig

Every Brilliant Thing was inspired by real life events. It is the story of a person who starts to make a list of “every brilliant thing” about existence, in order to combat his mother’s extreme depression. Heart wrenching at times, and not shying away from difficult subject matter, the play is a beautiful, touching, and funny night at the theater.  

And, having recently seen Kevin Craig as the clown Trinculo, in the co-production of The Tempest at the Buffalo Philharmonic, (in collaboration with Irish Classical Theater), Craig is the perfect actor for the role, and one who can facilitate the light and dark moments in the script.  

Directed by Artie Award Winner, and local cabaret star, Charmage Chi, Every Brilliant Thing involves and is influenced by the audience.  It is never the same show twice.  

Craig says, “There are some really fun connections we get to make with the audience, and it is very funny at times. The wild card in it is that the audience very much becomes a part of the show.” Chi continues, “This show is going to be different every single night, and you are going to love it so much, that you will be able to come back again and bring your friends, and allow them to experience it for the first time, because it will also be a different show for you, if you see it again.”

Come celebrate the good with Second Generation Theater. At Shea’s Smith Theater in the heart of downtown Buffalo, Every Brilliant Thing runs March 3-19, 2023. 

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