Serve Up Smiles: Volunteer for BNHV’s Pancake Breakfast and Event Activites, Help WNY Celebrate Maple Syrup Heritage

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village (BNHV) is looking for history enthusiasts who are passionate about customer service to volunteer at their upcoming Pancake Breakfasts, on March 23, 2024.   

For those who may not know, BNHV, located at 3755 Tonawanda Creek Rd in Amherst, offers exhibits, group tours, educational classes, artisanal workshops, and vibrant events that consistently enlighten its visitors. With its array of exhibitions and programs, BNHV meticulously traces the cultural narrative of the region, spanning from its earliest indigenous communities through the dynamic industrial era and into modern times.

“When people think of New York, not many are going to think about agriculture…but New York is actually an incredibly important part of our agricultural industry in the US and across the world. We are consistently ranked among the top three producers of many important products such as dairy products, wine and grapes, apples, and of course, maple syrup,” said executive director Carrie Stiver.

BNHV is seeking volunteers for their pancake breakfasts, who are enthusiastic about assisting with pancake making, sausage making, serving food, running food, table bussing, and dishwashing. If you’re passionate about food and eager to contribute, BNHV would love to hear from you!

In addition, volunteers are also needed to host the activities and education portion of the event, with shifts available from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM or 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. BNHV is seeking assistance with various tasks including admissions, maple sales, maple sugar snow demonstrations, tree tapping activities, guiding visitors along the maple history trail, and facilitating syrup tasting sessions. Volunteers are requested to arrive 15 minutes early for check-in, and training will be provided as necessary. It’s important to note that while Pancake Breakfast volunteers will work indoors, those participating in Activities and Education will primarily engage in outdoor tasks. All volunteers will get a free pancake breakfast.  

Stiver hopes that guests “learn a lot about maple syrup and the industry in New York State… and just how intricate the process has been throughout history and still is now. I hope they learn something about the importance of the agriculture industry to New York State, and I hope they’re going to be talking about all the delicious things that they tasted and the fun activities that they were able to participate in… agriculture really impacts every facet of our daily lives and communities”

To sign up to volunteer, click here.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email, or call 716-689-1440, and they will answer any questions you may have.

Check out last year’s video on Maple Weekend at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, read the article here.

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