SUNY Fredonia students protest program cuts

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — After SUNY Fredonia announced that it would be cutting 13 low-enrollment degree programs due to a $10 million deficit in December, students gathered in protest of that change Friday.

Students for Fredonia, which was formed following the announcement of program cuts made by school president Stephen Kolison, gathered Friday at the entrance of Fenton Hall, marching on campus and to downtown Fredonia

According to the group, they are fighting for increased and fair funding from SUNY and for transparency from the college that still has not released any figures that show cost savings by cutting these programs.

The 13 bachelor’s degree programs that would be cut are:



French and Spanish adolescent education




Art History



Early Childhood Education

Adolescent Education

Middle School Mathematical Sciences

Industrial Management.

According to the school, the affected programs represent 15 percent of all Fredonia majors. With a total enrollment of 74 students, the programs make up 2 percent of all the school’s undergraduates.

“Our liberal arts are humanities,” Henry Domst, a senior graphic design and art history student, said. “Our art programs are what make up Fredonia, and by taking them away, it’s kind of depleting the community, leaving an irreversible scar on our campus and just inevitably depleting the morale of our students in those majors and that take classes within those departments.”

The protest featured sculpture students wearing their art and music students playing instruments, along with various signs and chants.

Prior to Friday, the school did ensure that current students within the programs can complete their degrees and graduate.

News 4 reached out to multiple school leaders for a statement on the cuts and protests today, but has yet to hear back.

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