Survey: Forest Avenue Healthy Streets Initiative

What does Forest Avenue mean to you?

For some people, it’s the gateway to the Richardson Olmsted Campus. For others, it’s a link between Delaware Park and Niagara Street. Some people see the street as a future business corridor, while others see it as a street that is stuck in the past – mainly used as a thoroughfare to get from point A to point B.

In the latter scenario, it’s unfortunate, because while Forest Avenue might mean many things to many people, the street (as a whole) has been subjected to neglect for decades. And unfortunately, that neglect has had an impact on the houses that line the street, mainly from Elmwood to Niagara Street.

But now, things might be looking up for Forest Avenue, as GObike Buffalo is conducting a survey that will help them to better understand the wants and the needs from the community, as they pertain to this valuable urban connector.

With Complete Streets infrastructure work on Niagara Street (part of the Empire State Trail) reaching completion, there is a desire to better connect it with other parts of the city, including Amherst Street, Grant Street, Elmwood Avenue, and SUNY Buffalo State. As for Forest Avenue, GObike has this to say:

Along this section of Forest Avenue, between Richmond and Niagara Streets in particular, there are roughly 4,250 residents (American Community Survey 5-year; 2015-2019). Based on counts conducted by GObike Buffalo in fall 2021, 230 pedestrians and bicyclists utilize this corridor every day. Four different bus routes also pass through this area, and serve over 200 average daily passengers from this neighborhood (American Community Survey 5-year; 2015-2019). However, between 2015 and 2019 (American Community Survey), approximately 18 pedestrians were hit by cars, one pedestrian was killed, and 18 bicyclists were also hit by cars.

Combined with the ancillary Jesse Kregal Path along the Scajaquada Creek, that also connects Niagara Street to Delaware Park, Forest Avenue will one day offer cyclists and pedestrians a safer way to get from place to place. In order to get the best results from the project, which is currently in the planning stages, GObike is asking the public to take a survey.

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