The Ghosts That Haunt You @ Iron Island Museum

Most cities claim to have haunted landmarks and attractions, but very few of them have anything as unearthly as Iron Island. This circa 1885 former church/funeral home is considered one of the most haunted sites in the northeast. The “museum of hauntings” is considered a pilgrimage for many ghost hunters who always have plenty of sightings and audible interactions with spirits that call the museum “home.”

The museum is not only popular with the locals, it’s also frequented by professional ghost hunters, mystics, and psychics who concur that the place is rife with spirits.

“I’ve spent a couple of nights there,” said Damien Raphael, CEO of Museum of Mystery – a pop-up museum in Buffalo. “It’s the only place like this that I know of, where a group of friends can spend the night alone, without anyone else in the building. I’m a skeptic and a believer, but always a skeptic first.”

According to the operators of Iron Island, the two most vocal apparitions are “Edgar” and “Tommy.” These voices have been heard in the daytime and at night although the truly haunted disposition of the building goes hand-in-hand with a night-time stay. That said, there are some people who simply choose not to venture into the basement, where they’re “always in the dark!”

“One night that I was there,” continues Raphael. “I saw a small child duck around the corner. The girl standing next to me saw the figure as well. We stayed until 7 in the morning. It was very unsettling, but a lot fun too. Not your typical adventure. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the real deal.”

History buffs are also welcome to browse the museum’s exhibits, many of which pertain to local WWII soldiers and veterans – the displays help to tell the story of Buffalo during wartime. 

It is interesting to note that the name “Iron Island” comes from the host neighborhood that is encircled by train tracks. Even the industrial name evokes uneasiness and chills. 

An yes… on Saturdays people can make reservations to spend the night inside the building, for those who dare to!

Points of Interest:

998 East Lovejoy Street | Buffalo NY 14206 | 716-892-3084

Handicap accessible: Yes

Public and private tours

Access: By NFTA Metro bus – 1,19

Restaurant: One of the closest eateries to Iron Island Museum is La Verdad Café & Deli, which is worth its weight in gold – friendly and quaint, with delicious menu options

Park: There is an urban park nearby named Hennepin Park which is dedicated to veterans of all wars – corner of Hennepin Street and Bailey Avenue


Happy Haunted Hour

Iron Island Happy Haunted Hour to include food, beverages, water, an Iron Island glass, and tours. 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Friday, October 22nd, 2021. Psychic readings for a small fee.

$40 per person


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