The Rat Pack is the latest addition to Hertel Walls

Hertel Walls continues to impress. This time, muralist Chuck Tingley has completed what is being considered an ode to the street’s Italian heritage, with his dedication to the Rat Pack. The three heralded entertainers depicted on the mural – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. – were considered the group’s lead members.

With the recent opening of the Centro Culturale Italiano di Buffalo, along with artist Nicole Cherry’s own ode to “Little Italy,” the decision was made to up the ante, by bringing to life a trifecta of faces that personify a day and age when famed actors and crooners with Italian heritage were considered all the rage. Check out this amazing video of Sinatra in Buffalo in 1951, and learn more on Forgotten Buffalo:

Frank Sinatra, considered America’s greatest entertainer, embodied the Italian persona, although it was actor and singer Dean Martin – born Dino Paul Crocetti – who was known for retaining more of his Italian heritage throughout his career.  As for Sammy Davis Jr., he emulated everything that Sinatra did, and considered him an older brother. You might say that Italian blood ran through all of their veins, in some form or another. That is why they were deemed the perfect spokesmodels for Hertel’s newest mural billboard.

“So far, the response to the Rat Pack mural has been incredible! Each time I visited Chuck while painting, people were stopping by to compliment it by foot, bike, and car. This is an outstanding addition to the dozens of murals on Hertel,” said Delaware District councilperson Joel Feroleto. “Many Italian Americans that have lived in North Buffalo for decades are proud to see the homage to this trio.”

The Rat Pack mural is located at the corner of Hertel and Lovering Avenue.

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