The Washington Post Finds Regeneration in Buffalo

Remembering the past while moving forward seems to have been the theme of Charlotte Simpson’s recent trip to Buffalo, both in a personal sense and during her exploration of the city.

Finding pleasure in “planning trips that benefit the traveler and the destination”, Simpson, a longtime explorer with her late husband, discovered Buffalo’s rich history, connected with entrepreneurs from all walks of life, found out why they call our town the City of Good Neighbors, and witnessed the ongoing resurgence from various point-of-views. And, in a recent spotlight in the Washington Post, Simpson discovers parallels between the city’s growth and her own personal journey.

Photograph by Christopher Behrend

“Her curiosity is piqued by a place freshly transformed from post-industrial slump to bastion of creative cool,” the Washington Post writes.

Follow Simpson’s path through Buffalo history at the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor, burgeoning food scene and culture of creative entrepreneurship by reading the entire Washington Post story here: The Regeneration of Travel: A Widow Finds Reinvention in Buffalo

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