Two Homes Planned for Main/Woodbridge

The site of a proposed apartment building at the northwest corner of Main Street and Woodbridge Avenue is now targeted for two single-family homes.  Property owner Nick Giambra is seeking to split the parcel into two lots oriented towards Woodbridge Avenue.  The change in plans comes after pushback from the Central Park Homeowners Association and to comply with deed restrictions on the site that only permit single-family homes.

In 2021, Giambra proposed a three-story, 12-unit apartment building (above) for the site and immediately faced opposition from nearby residents.  The Homeowners Association is on board with the new plan according to a letter from their counsel Harter Secrest & Emery LLP:

I am writing on behalf of the Central Park Homeowners Association (“CPHA”) to express CPHA’s support for construction of two single-family homes on two equal-sized lots facing Woodbridge Avenue in the CPHA neighborhood. As I indicated in my October 15, 2021 letter to you (copy enclosed), my client is opposed to construction of anything other than single­ family homes and specifically to a multi-unit apartment complex. A multi-unit dwelling would not only be inconsistent with the residential quality and character of the neighborhood, but it would violate the Central Park Deed Restrictions. Thus, to be clear, if you proceed with plans for a multi-family development, whether by way of a site plan application, area variance request, or otherwise, CPHA will vigorously oppose your plans.

The new parcels will be 75’ x 100’ and 110’ x 100’. A Variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals is required due to the larger parcel along Main Street being wider than 75’.

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