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Is it just me, or is there something haunting in the air here in Buffalo lately? Maybe it’s just the seasonal changes sending chills through the back of my neck, or maybe…just maybe… it is true that spooky season is upon us! *Cue the Vincent Price impersonation.*

We can expect all the tricks and treats during this year’s Witches Ball in addition to the bloody good time you are sure to have. With a stellar lineup of local artists, actors, drag queens, musicians, and DJs there won’t be a dead soul in the house! But, what if this night was more than just fun and games, and could actually transport you directly into another world- the other side. Luckily for us, this has become a possibility with the return of a Witches Ball classic, Psychic Lounge presented by supernatural historian & author, Mason Winfield. With his guidance and spook-tacular knowledge in the supernatural world, this immersive experience has been carefully crafted to turn this night into one that may give you all of the answers you have been searching for.

“People can expect professional and compassionate psychic readers. What we’ve started calling people who talk through intuition to other people is readers. It’s a little more general than psychic medium, because medium is a relatively specific term. A medium is someone who stands between the world of the spirits and gives messages to living people and not all readers do that. There are people who read, who use divination, who use objects too, like tarot cards, tea leaves, pendulums, things like that. So, we will have a real spectrum of people at the Psychic Lounge,” says Winfield

With the new location on the second floor mezzanine, Georgian Ballroom, guests can sneak away from the hustle and bustle of the party happening downstairs, to receive a moment of intentional counsel from those who have tapped into the other side.

“For many people, the Witches Ball is a pretty sacred experience- a powerful building with a lot of ghost stories, you’re that close to Halloween, you’re right on Niagara square, an ancient power point. A lot of those people believe that a really powerful night is a great time to get a reading. Everything is going to connect.”

Winfield’s expertise in the supernatural realm, also means an expertise in picking the best of the best when it comes to readers, mediums and psychics. Some include:

Bunny Dupuis

Bunny’s gentle nurturing approach to delivering messages is one filled with kindness, compassion and caring. She believes that her gifts are tools for healing & spiritual guidance. Rest assured that while Bunny is gentle and nurturing she does not hold back when a cathartic nudge is needed.

Frank Lord

Frank Lord is a professional psychic clairvoyant medium who started reading at age 13.

Jesse Wicher

Jesse Wicher is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and Medium, and Holistic Educator. He is a graduate of the Fellowships of the Spirit School in Lily Dale, NY and has taught and practiced internationally for over 18 years.

Alchemy of Spirits

Led by team Jeanne Woods and John Chmielewsk their belief is that all spiritual paths l lead to the same end results: a better understanding and acceptance of oneself and your ability to positively impact community, humankind, and our planet. While the individual path is personal and unique, each requires a basic foundation to stand tall on. “This is where we feel we can really assist others by providing you the resources, tools, and skills needed to be successful in your expedition to enlightenment. Then through continued learning, there is growth and empowerment for all of us.”

In addition to these, guests can expect a total of 12 tables in the lounge with some of the readers offering services until one in the morning.

“I do expect some of the readers will be there until one in the morning, but for a lot of them in the past years, the demand has kind of slowed down around midnight. Frankly, these people are artists; psychic readers are emotional people. Some of them can only stay for so long. It’s kinda cool how seriously the people I tend to work with take what they do.”

Getting a reading that night will be quite simple and is on a walk-up basis. Simply walk up the second floor level and just approach the desk and there you will find somebody to talk you through the process.

This is an experience you won’t want to miss- who knows, it could change the course of your life forever.

To find out more about the Witches Ball or to buy tickets visit

The Witches Ball | A Bloody Good Time

Saturday, October 30, 2021 @ Statler City | Buffalo, NY
$45 per ticket | $50 at the door

The Witches Ball at Statler City is back and ready to offer you “A Bloody Good Time” on Saturday, October 30 from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Buffalo’s best immersive Halloween experience features dozens of the most ‘bloody brilliant’ local artists, actors, drag queens, musicians, DJs, psychics, mediums, and more shockingly good performers for one night only! Dance the night away, see your future, voyeur the macabre, and enjoy the music all night long. It’d be hell to miss it! Read more.

Lead Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

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