Volunteers Needed to Paint Community Mural at Niagara Frontier Food Terminal

Community members are invited to participate in giant “Paint by Numbers” gathering on June 15

For anyone that has ever wanted to get involved with a community mural project, the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal (NFFT) and SAIRA Creative are looking for 25 volunteers to participate in a “paint by numbers” public art project on Saturday June 15 from 12 pm to 4 pm. The location of the art project is at the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal on 1500 Clinton Street, at the corner of Clinton and Bailey on Buffalo’s East Side. The mural will be on the restored dock of building #177, directly across from the Clinton Bailey Farmers Market.

The idea for the community mural is that of NFFT-tenant, Saira Siddiqui, who has been a driving advocate for the historic and architecturally significant food market, which opened in 1931. Today, the NFFT is home to small, local food and beverage startups, specialty food suppliers, ethnic food retailers, and over 25 artists.

Volunteers will be assigned a section of the 90-foot ground mural and paint designated colors for designated numbers to complete a sunburst design.

“This mural will help us recreate the vibrancy that the NFFT had in the past” said Matthew Wattles, Director of Development of the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal. “Artists and creatives are a key part of our redevelopment, and this mural will only add to that momentum.”

“We held community workshops with NFFT tenants, area organizations, and residents to determine the final design,” said Saira Siddiqui, who developed the community mural project to further beautify the historic terminal, in addition to the building improvement funds she secured through Erie County’s Storefront Improvement Grant. “The sunburst theme nods to this central area of the city where people gather around food markets, and now creative businesses. It also references the iconic Buffalo City Hall skylight, while also resembling the railroad tracks that would have been used during NFFT’s original iteration.”

“Painting this mural is a unique opportunity for our community to unite and celebrate the rich history and vibrant future of the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal,” said Fillmore District Council Member Mitch Nowakowski. “By participating in this mural, residents will not only contribute to beautifying our city but also strengthen our community bonds and support the growth of local artists. I encourage all who are able to join us in this meaningful endeavor.”

“This project exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and community pride that defines Buffalo,” said Council Member Bryan J. Bollman. “By bringing together local artists and residents, we are not only enhancing the beauty of the NFFT but also celebrating our rich cultural heritage and shared future.”

*Volunteers will be provided with all necessary supplies as well as snacks and beverages. After the mural is completed, pedestrian amenities will be added including bike racks and benches to create a space for people to gather on-site.

To sign up as a volunteer, please email:

The rain date will be Saturday, July 27.

Support for this project is provided by: 

Erie County Storefront Improvement Grant

Awesome Buffalo Foundation

Councilmember Mitch Nowakowski

Councilmember Bryan Bollman

Lead image: A public art project located at the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal

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