We In The Woods: Cannabis Infused Music & Art Celebration (Warehouse Edition)

There’s a warehouse on the city’s East Side, located at 372 Feugeron Street, at the intersection of Genesee Street, that is ramping up to become a cultural event center in short order. One of the first events taking place at the warehouse is We In The Woods: Cannabis Infused Music & Art Celebration (Warehouse Edition). The pop-up is being hosted by Queen City Popped, with event promotion by RoDent Prod. The all-day event, being held on Saturday, May 4, will run from 11am to 11pm. Then, an after-party will take place from 11pm to 4am.

The apex of underground rap and hip-hop, featuring the biggest names in the region.

The music will be pumping all day, and all night, with acts such as Bloodline Harmony, Weso Gee, Heckler, Winter Peace, Yaitus, Flexbro Spaz, Icon Amos, Star Ford, and Adithri. Not only is the music and entertainment line-up tight, the warehouse is set to get jumping and popping.

“Get ready for an electrifying transformation as “We In The Woods 2024″ ventures into uncharted territory with the Warehouse Edition. Immerse yourself in an urban jungle of music, art, and community, as we bring the spirit of the woods to the heart of the city. It’s not just about the music… we’re creating an open platform where artists can express themselves freely, fostering an environment of collaboration and exploration. Visual artists are encouraged to showcase their talents alongside the music, adding layers of creativity to the experience.” – We In The Woods

On Saturday, May 4, We In The Woods will be hosting a pop-up at the warehouse at 372 Feugeron Street. Typically, the bi-weekly, cannabis-Infused music & art series is held… in the woods.

For more information on We In The Woods 2024, click here.

General Admission: $20 presale, $25 at the door

Click here to purchase a pass.

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