After seven months fighting Covid-19, many of those months on a ventilator, a Town of Niagara woman finally gets to go home

Warrior, brave and survivor those are some of the words used to describe Mary Corio of the Town of Niagara.

Corio was diagnosed with Covid-19 back in March of this year. She spent the last seven months fighting virus and about five of those months on a ventilator, and on Friday she got to go home.

Dozens of friends and family showed-up at Elderwood in Williamsville to wish her well.

“I wouldn’t have gotten through any of this without my son,” Corio said. “He knocked himself out to visit me  nearly every day. I wouldn’t have made it without friends and family.”

She was in several different hospitals during her illness. The sub-acute ventilator weaning program at Elderwood in Williamsville was her last stop.

“Once she got out of the ICU, we were like, what’s next? How do we get her off the ventilator? Not everybody gets off of ventilators,” said Ed Grudzinski Mary`s son. “She spent time in three other facilities, including one in Erie PA, finally by divine intervention, we got her into this facility and these guys are rock stars.”

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