While visiting the LaSalle Bark Park earlier today, I noticed that some excavation work was being done behind the first two phases of the Skate Plaza. It looks as if work is underway for Phase III of the design!

Phase I was completed in 2013 (see here), and Phase II was completed in 2017 (see here). It appears as if the plan was to complete a phase every four or five years. The 3rd phase of the skate plaza is considered the “transition park.”

The transition element will be more akin to the days of “pool riding,” where skaters began to search out empty swimming pools to perform “vert” tricks. The initial two phases were dedicated more to park and street skate styles.

Once the third phase is complete, Buffalo will have a super legit skateboarding facility, which will fit in well with the transition of the park as a whole into a world class waterfront destination.

Roller skaters welcome…

During my visit to the skate plaza, I was also happy to come across a nifty tree-mounted box that was filled with old sneakers and other articles of clothing and accessories. Similar to the Little Free Libraries concept, I thought that this clever addition was really quite thoughtful and handy for anyone looking for a quick fix – replacement shoelace, belt, pair of readers… who knows what someone might be in need of. I would love to see some more of these “Take Only What You Need” boxes around the city.


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