Emmy Winner Tom Fontana Returns to Buffalo State: Unveiling ‘The Wrong Road’ with Star-Studded Cast

Buffalo, New York has always had a rich history filled with captivating stories. From its industrial roots to its current status as a thriving cultural center, each narrative adds another layer to the city’s vibrant tapestry. Now, an exciting chapter is about to unfold at Buffalo State University with the return of one of its most accomplished alumni, Tom Fontana, an Emmy Award winning writer/producer.

Fontana, who hails from Buffalo and proudly graduated from Buffalo State University in 1973, is ready to bring his latest creation, “The Wrong Road,” to life with the assistance of students enrolled in the university’s esteemed Television and Film Arts (TFA) program. This production holds great significance for both Fontana and Buffalo State as it marks the largest scale realization of one of Fontana’s scripts in Western New York.

“The Wrong Road” not only serves as a platform for showcasing Fontana’s exceptional talent but also features an impressive ensemble cast including Kathryn Erbe, Lee Tergesen and Mark Ryder. The project will be helmed by director Metin Hüseyin renowned for his work on “The History of Tom Jones; A Foundling,” ensuring a thrilling collaboration between seasoned professionals and aspiring filmmakers.

For Fontana, this endeavor goes beyond just making a film—it presents an invaluable opportunity to give back to his alma mater and mentor the next generation of storytellers.

“I have high hopes that this film project will contribute to the continuous growth and expanding curriculum of the Buffalo State TFA program,” expressed Fontana. “Our students will have the opportunity to interact with a talented group of professionals whom they can trust.”

The involvement of Fontana holds immense significance. With his extensive experience and expertise as the creative force behind acclaimed series like “Oz,” “Borgia,” and “Homicide; Life on the Street,” he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His support for Buffalo State’s TFA program is evident not only through his participation in this project but also by consistently mentoring students and providing them with invaluable opportunities within the industry.

Recognizing the tremendous value of this collaboration, Aaron Daniel Annas, associate professor and director of Buffalo State’s TFA program, commented, “It is rare for undergraduate students across the country to have worked on a project alongside an Emmy Award winner.” He further highlighted that this collaboration offers unparalleled learning and networking prospects for our students while positioning Buffalo State as a prominent player in higher education within the flourishing film industry.

Indeed, “The Wrong Road” has an impact that extends well beyond just being shown on screen.

With Fontana’s backing, this project provides students with valuable hands on experience and networking opportunities within the industry. Esteemed alumni like Rafael Mencía and Kyle Mecca, both of whom graduated from Buffalo State’s TFA program, will play crucial roles in mentoring students and ensuring the success of the production.

Scheduled to debut locally in May, “The Wrong Road” narrates the tale of a young man who embarks on a cross state journey only to stumble upon a mysterious mansion where two strangers possess intimate knowledge about his life. This captivating story is bound to intrigue and enthrall audiences, attracting attention on the festival circuit.

For Fontana and Buffalo State, “The Wrong Road” signifies not just a creative venture but also serves as evidence of the profound impact that collaboration and mentorship can have. As filming commences in mid March, all eyes will be fixed on this exhilarating project with anticipation for the enchantment that unfolds when talent, passion and opportunity converge in Buffalo.

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