Once in every 4 years, leaplings get to celebrate their day

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — February 29th is a day that makes an appearance on our calendars every four years.

According to, more than 5 million people or “leaplings” are celebrating their birthday on Leap Day.

Including, Kylee Statler.

Even though she has taken four laps around the sun — Thursday is officially her first birthday. How do you celebrate your first birthday four years in? She tells us she plans on going to dinner at Applebee’s and presents. Her grandmother, Tara, also tells said she plans to celebrate with a swimming birthday party and bowling as well.

What’s more rare of having a birthday on leap year? Having twins on Leap Day! According to, the chances of having twins on Leap Day, are one in 50,000.

“When you look at a leap year twins, you might as well say you got struck but lightning–you might be a leap year twin, so I don’t know.” said Keith Lukowski.

That’s the story for Keith and his brother, Kevin. On leap year, though they are taking their 52nd lap around the sun, they’re technically just entering into their teenage years.

“I and my twin brother are turning 13! So we’re no longer preteens, we’re actually a teenager.” said Lukowski, “We like our younger age better.” he laughed.

When asked what day they typically celebrate their birthday, Keith said they typically celebrate their birthday with family and friends, during the nearest weekend of their birthday.

“Just to celebrate with our friends and family, it’s really the biggest thing. It could be the first–it could be the second, it could be the 20th, it could be the 27th. Whenever it might be, it’s just celebrating with our friends to just enjoy a birthday.”

Keith says sharing this rare experience with his brother is astronomical.

“There’s times I don’t talk to my brother for weeks, months, whatever because we’re so busy with our own personal lives and families and to get a day to really come back to who we are share what we are, it is a true blessing it’s amazing.” said Lukowksi.

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