Sweepstakes Targeting Bills Backers Bar Patrons, to Win a Weekend in Buffalo

As the football season gets underway, there are quite a few expats that are fondly thinking about their hometown of Buffalo. And there are still others who are learning about what it’s like to be from Buffalo, by simply rallying around the Buffalo Bills. Maybe they have a friend who is from Buffalo. Or maybe they’ve found themselves rooting for one or more of the players, thanks to Fantasy Football.

That said, the chances are pretty good that these aforementioned people are going to make their way into a Bills Backers Bar, whether they’re living in Baltimore, Austin, or anywhere else that is home to a Bills Backers Bar. Did you know that there are 400 Bills Backers chapters worldwide?

In order to tap into the Bills frenzy that takes place in Bills Backers Bars throughout the country, Be in Buffalo — the regional talent attraction initiative of Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN) – has launched sweepstakes to entice the devoted bar patrons. The promotional effort – called ‘Hometown Touchdown’ – offers up a chance to win a free weekend trip to the WNY region, and tickets to a Buffalo Bills home game. 

As a way to launch the initiative, Be in Buffalo has mailed promotional boxes to over 50 Bills Backers Bars across the country. The boxes are filled with details on how to enter the sweepstakes, as well as additional promotional information and merchandise pertaining to the exciting revitalization of Buffalo.

Two winners and a guest of their choice will receive:

AirfareHotel stayAdditional prizesBuffalo Bills versus Miami Dolphins game tickets in Orchard Park, N.Y.

“There are thousands of ex-Buffalonians living across the country today while staying connected to our region every Sunday at their local Bills Backers Bar,” said Jenna Kavanaugh, chief operating officer, Invest Buffalo Niagara. “This campaign gives our dedicated fan base not just a chance to win a trip back home and not just a celebration of our football team, but awareness of all of the great momentum in our region’s resurgence.”

Ultimately, by spreading the Buffalo love even further, the hope would be that the “boomerang” campaign acts as a catalyst to attract wavering expats back home. Whether it’s for the career opportunities and/or the lifestyle advantages, Buffalo is looking more attractive with each passing year. As people are looking to escape from the blazing heat, reconnect with family and friends, or are simply looking for a change of pace, Buffalo does have its advantages.

To top it off, Hometown Touchdown also highlights the charitable generosity of Buffalo football fans.

“Buffalo and football go together like wings and bleu cheese. We have the best fans in the world – 8 a.m. tailgate arrivals, shirtless December games, loyalty throughout the drought, and millions of dollars in charitable donations,” said Del Reid, Co-Founder, 26 Shirts.

Buffalo has always been a giving city. A prideful city. A resilient city. And a welcoming city. These are all things that a couple of lucky winners will soon appreciate, more than ever.

For additional information on the ongoing transformational changes in Buffalo, click here.

To find the landing page for the Be in Buffalo Hometown Touchdown Sweepstakes click here.

*Entries accepted from now until November 28, 2022.

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