The Inaugural Conor Johnor Jam: A Charity Music Festival

On Sunday June 2 (1pm-8pm), The Conor J. Casey Foundation will be hosting the inaugural Conor Johnor Jam, in support of “Feed the Need,” which “embodies Conor Casy’s legacy of nourishing others.”

In a previous Buffalo Rising article, I wrote:

Conor Casey (November 17, 1987 – June 7, 2022) was 24 years old when he opened Coco Bar & Bistro with owner Maura Crawford. For upwards of a decade, Conor made a name of himself as an adventurous chef who was always up for a challenge. Whether it was winning an award for the best mac & cheese in WNY, or operating the ingenious Crêpe Chalet during the pandemic, Conor was driven by his love for food, and creative ways to get his culinary creations into the hands (and mouths) of his friends, family, and loyal customers.

It was towards the end of the pandemic, a week before Coco was scheduled to reopen, that Conor was diagnosed with cancer. He was 34 years old, when he succumbed to the disease, leaving behind a legacy that continues to grow thanks to family and friends who help stoke the passionate fire that Conor sparked during his culinary career.

Portrait of Conor that hangs at the lounge at Coco | Painted by Aloria Weaver – Conor was the head chef at Coco Bar and Bistro.

As for the name, “Conor Johnor Jam,” Conor Johnor was the nickname that his sister gave him, as “John” was his middle name. The name also perfectly suited the name of the new music festival – an event that will revolve around Conor’s love of music, food, and feeding people.

With The Conor Johnor Jam, the foundation seeks to remember Conor for what he loved most, not what took him from us. “Feed the Need” embodies Conor’s legacy of nourishing others, and this music festival aims to do just that by supporting those in need through the joy of music and food. This music festival aims to do just that by supporting those in need, through the joy of music and food. – The Conor J. Casey Foundation

This ticketed event on June 2 promises a day filled with food, drinks, and outstanding musical performances from 1 PM to 8 PM at Wings in Orchard Park. Proceeds from the festival will support the foundation’s mission of raising and distributing capital for non-profit organizations throughout WNY that provide sustenance to those in need, and to teach, encourage, and share knowledge about self-sustaining community food practices.

Conor passed away in 2022 at the age of 34, just 14 months after being diagnosed with glioblastoma. The Conor J. Casey Foundation was established in the summer of 2023 to honor Conor’s legacy as a chef, and a friend to Buffalo.

The Conor Johnor Jam will feature five incredible bands, each bringing their unique sound to the stage. The lineup includes:

PA Line: Known for their infectious energy and engaging folk-rock sound.

Folkfaces: Bringing a blend of folk, jazz, and blues that is sure to captivate.

Ten Cent Howl: Delivering a powerful mix of Americana and roots music.

The Kensingtons: Offering an eclectic mix of genres with their distinct style.

The Traitors: Rocking the stage with their dynamic performances.

Plus, attendees can enjoy continuous entertainment with DJ sets between acts.

Included in the price of admission, festival-goers can indulge in a variety of food, beer, and wine options, making for a truly enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The event promises to be a celebration of community, music, and the culinary arts.

An $80 includes a day of live music, beer, wine, and food. Cash bar will be available.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

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