#UseYourVoice: Stop Hate Mural

WNY Book Arts collaborative mural with CEPA

Art projects, specifically murals, are an excellent way to capture the attention of people. Many murals are merely artistic, meant to beautify neighborhoods, while others serve an even greater purpose.

Take, for example, the #UseYourVoice: Stop Hate Mural. This new mural initiative is a collaborative project between WNY Book Arts and CEPA Gallery. The wheatpaste mural – now installed on an exterior wall on Mohawk Street – was created in conjunction with CEPA Gallery’s current exhibition The Power of Resilience and Hope | Photography and the Holocaust: Then & Now.

According to CEPA, the mural is inspired by project artist Mizin Shin’s #UseYourVoice series that is on display in CEPA’s passageway gallery. The work of art is meant to inspire people to speak out against racially motivated prejudice and violence.

The mural design, curated by Ruby Merritt, is interesting in that the messages of “love over hate” have been translated into a variety of languages to engage diverse linguistic communities.

“Wheatpaste’s accessibility is a wonderful way to connect makers and viewers,” said Necole Zayatz, a CEPA installer. “It can be done anywhere, with any image on paper – giving it endless affordable possibilities. It lends itself as an affordable and easy to produce form of public art. Photography is an ideal medium because it can be printed and then quickly put up on a wall, with no need for framing, just paste.”

The mural was affixed to the wall over the weekend, and will be on display for Marquis Burton’s gallery opening during the evening at Western New York Book Arts (468 Washington Street).

The exhibition Power of Resilience and Hope | Photography and the Holocaust: Then & Now, is located in the Market Arcade at 617 Main Street.

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