Verivend’s Journey to Revolutionize Fintech in Upstate New York

In Buffalo’s startup landscape, Verivend has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the fintech sector, achieving a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing the trillion-dollar private capital space. With the backing of

Launch NY’s Investor Network, Verivend successfully secured $125,000, propelling the company to meet its ambitious $1 million fundraising goal for its seed extension round. This achievement underscores a burgeoning trend of regional investment synergy, spotlighting Upstate New York as a fertile ground for burgeoning startups.

Launch NY’s Investor Network, which includes more than 300 accredited investors, plays a crucial role in connecting capital with promising startups in the region. By providing a streamlined and cost free platform for investors to engage with Upstate New York’s dynamic startup ecosystem, the network has proven to be instrumental in supporting ventures like Verivend. This recent funding success demonstrates both the effectiveness of the Investor Network model and the potential for local startups to thrive in competitive markets.

Verivend’s innovative payments platform, tailored for facilitating smooth transactions within the private capital sector, has garnered recognition for its efficient solution to traditional wire transfer challenges. With a focus on security, efficiency and transparency in investment dealings, Verivend is leading the way in fintech solutions designed for the expansive private capital industry.

Verivend’s impressive growth story, characterized by a rapidly expanding customer base and an outstanding 100% customer renewal rate, showcases the undeniable appeal of their technology. This growth has been boosted by strategic investments from Launch NY, which includes a generous $50,000 contribution from its nonprofit Seed Fund and a previous $100,000 investment. These investments serve as strong votes of confidence in Verivend’s vision and leadership.

The narrative of Verivend’s success is closely tied to the larger narrative of Upstate New York’s emergence as an innovation hub. This narrative gains further credibility with the upcoming focus on

, another promising startup in the Launch NY ecosystem. Dimien, located in the University at Buffalo’s Baird Research Park incubator, is making significant progress in developing high capacity, safe batteries for electric vehicles and other uses. This progress underscores the region’s growing influence in green energy and technology sectors.

As Launch NY continues to facilitate valuable connections between startups and investors through its Investor Network, success stories like those of Verivend and Dimien underscore Upstate New York’s potential as a hotbed for technological innovation and economic development. With the Investor Network enabling larger and faster investment rounds, the region is primed to attract more attention and capital, ensuring a bright future for its startup community.

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